Publishing of articles, books and cards have revolutionized the way information can be made available to a large number of people. It has helped to bring down the cost of books and has also facilitated the spread of new ideas and information with greater impact. It has increased the rate of literacy among the common people thus changing their lives for the better. In the beginning, people mostly used to print only books on different subjects but with the help of new machines and latest technologies business cards, brochures, and flyers have also become very important in the publishing industry. 55print is one such firm which helps you to present your business in a professional manner by printing high quality, cost effective business cards, and other such material.


Publishing of business cards:

Business cards are one of the most important business tools because they help you to educate people about your company, products or services. They are very easy to carry as they can easily fit in your wallet. They spread and exchange information about your company and services in a colorful and interesting manner. They reflect the policies, vision, and taste of your company that is why you should be very careful when you chose a printing company. You can get your business cards printed online from 55print without compromising on quality. This company provides different offers and discounts on its printing service so you can be sure to keep within your marketing budget. Customers have the facility to choose from different design templates which are not only reasonably priced but are also unique in style. Thus, you can be sure that your cards will be original and unique projecting the image of a reliable and reputed business.

Importance of a good quality business card:

A high-quality business card is very important for a business to grow and prosper. One of the biggest advantages of printing a good quality business card is that it provides your company with maximum benefit while using only a small investment. It is an effective tool of advertising providing all the necessary information about your company in an attractive and precise manner. Business cards project reliability and trustworthiness. By exchanging business cards you can make sure that the customer will keep you in mind. If you have a good and attractive business card the customers will preserve your card for a longer period. This will help your business because customers can easily contact you when they need the goods or services provided by your company.

Printing of wedding cards:

Everything related to weddings, from cards to the actual ceremony itself, has undergone a tremendous change in the past few years. All these things have become more stylish and expensive nowadays but you can get stylish but cost effective wedding cards printed at 55print. They provide elaborately designed as well as simple cards according to the needs of the customers. You can be sure to find a design that is just right for your special day!

Shrink wrap sealer is a type of machine, which is used in the contracting packaging industry. It is also known by the name of bar sealer, I-bar sealer, centre folded shrink wrap sealers and manual sealers. It helps in giving the professional look of the products. There are almost 1,50,000 shrink wrap sealers used by different companies and on the same side, it is manufactured by different companies. Shrink wrap sealers can be used for many purposes like protecting books covers, in protecting the cover of disks and CD’s, in delivering and carrying pamphlets, in protecting the packaging from getting damage.

These sealers come in two model:

Standard shrink wraps sealer

Deluxe shrink wrap sealer

Functioning of shrink wraps sealers

Shrink wrap sealer usually consists of shrinking bags, a roll of a film, a sealer having a round wire and a heat gun. It helps in getting the professional look of a product. It gives a smooth look to the packaging and seals it in a proper manner.

Premium impulse sealer

It is constructed of a metal, and have double functioning rollers, as a high quality in term of efficiency and performance. It usually works in an efficient way with shrink films. One of its unique qualities is the timer, one can set time of use. By using this sealer, one can make the packaging look more smooth.

Economy Bar sealer

As the name implies, it is used for lower volume products. These sealers are used in the packaging of small products. These sealers are mostly constructed from the wood.

Premium Industry Heat Gun

This gun is basically used in films and PVC bags. It is considered to be one of the most heated guns with a temperature of 600-900 degree.

Economy Heat Gun

It is light in weight and perform the same function as a premium industry heat gun, but also it is a bit low in quality and work with a small product.

Magic Wand

This is one of the most use sealer in the packaging of the product. It is used in the wrapping of small and large product having different shapes and nature, it usually has a wand power. The most promising feature of this sealer is its sealing pad which is of about 24 by 36. With this system, the optional, but useful thing is the hot air gun.

Precautions and warning to use shrink wrap sealers

  • One should know its environment, before using this appliance as it can be hazardous in some situations
  • One should cover itself and should wear shoes while operating at, as it can be dangerous in some situations and there is a threat of current.
  • Do not touch the heating gun when it is in use, it might burn the hand
  • Once the sealer is not working properly, don’t ever open it, or repair it, use only original parts of it.
  • Plug the shrink wrapping sealer and gun into 110 Vac.

Playing cards have always been in the highlights, one way or another, for a very long time now. But there is actually a lot more to custom playing cards than what one might believe it to be. Interestingly enough, there are a whole bunch of myths and unresolved mysteries that surround these little decks of cards and the games they are used to play. In this article, we will be talking about a few things about cards that are not much known of and we hope that it will fascinate our readers.

Various uses of playing cards

Card decks have been around for a long time now, and this is what has made it loved by one generation after another. Traditionally it is believed that cards are only used to play games. We all have favorite games like poker, crazy eights and of course go fish! But did you know that there is a lot more to cards than just playing games!

  • Back in the date, card decks were printed in a different way. One side of the card was printed while the other one was left blank. There was abig reason behind it. This is because these cards were used as a source of communication by people.
  • If we go back into history as back as the eighteenth century, these cards were used for a very interesting purpose. Young mothers who could either not afford a child or were unmarried left a card with the child when they dropped them off at the orphanage. The card had details about the child. If the card was left whole, it meant that the child won’t be claimed for later on ever. If the card was torn into half, this meant that the child was being abandoned only for a specific time period, and the mother would come back for him/her.

Hidden meanings of cards

The fact that the exact origin of the designs of cards is anonymous till date has given rise to much curiosity over the years. People have speculated a lot about the hidden meanings behind each design on the card and have associated varying meaning with each card design and layout. A few relevance’s too specific designs are totally surrounding myths and false beliefs while others seem to make more sense since they are closer to the real world. For instance

  • There was a time when it was generally believed that cards are not actually for playing but are ‘trick’ by enemies who work disguised.
  • The four suit of card pairs has also be signified and matched in meaning to the ‘four seasons’ of nature.
  • There are total 52 cards in each card deck out of which 13 cards each are similar in context, designs, and patterns. These 13 cards are signified to be similar to the 13 yearly cycles of the moon.
  • The royal significance of cards is very obvious. There was a time when each card was named after a royal. However, over the years this trend has changed, but the royal figures still continue to persist.

When we talk about the Instagram first thing that comes to our mind is that what is causing us to have taken this name is this going to be another fan made article in which fan discuss being full bias about the things that how Instagram is better than any other social media out theirs.

To tell you the truth I am the fan of the Instagram myself and know how people buy real instagram followers for promotion.  People to be frank i know this is the age of saying the truth and everybody accepts and follow the truth if it is right. But this doesn’t means that one doesn’t have the right to say anything frankly i have the right to tell that Instagram is being used than any other app out their. Now most of the times people ask why is that Instagram is used more than the other apps and that is the time when i fell urged to tell them what is right and wrong direction to this question.

The reason why is the Instagram is used more potentially than any other out their because it has most potential to attract the user than any other out their. It has many facilities that can be enhanced and made more reliable than any other social media. Now one of the main reason why amazon is on fire is that most of the girls community use Instagram more than any other social media app. Now i would explain why Girls are comfortable with Instagram than any other app.

instagram new update

Instagram Tone

Reason one is that buy active instagram followers has one the best privacy factor than any other social media apps. Now When most of the girls use Instagram most of them don’t care about how much they are showing and leaking about privacy but one of those who care are the one that increases the population on the Instagram to next level. Let me tell you most people while reading this will be amazed that 43 percentile of the Instagram girls are very private about their accounts and feel secured on the Instagram.

Instagram Being Picture oriented

As you can know Instagram is all about the pictures you post pictures you like pictures you can comment on pictures. If one likes your picture he can comment on the picture likes the picture if he doesn’t he can move away from the post altogether. So there is less Biases on the Instagram then any other social media where people post and it looks like the warzone. Yes, consider you have updated status on the XYZ app. It is shown on your wall now most of the times it happens few of the person likes the post while other pass comments. Now when they pass comments it feels like they are being sarcastic. So let me ask you a question you have put something and somebody make fun fo you in front of the several thousand people that are your friends how would end up feeling that is it is a warzone.

Girls Celebrity Presence

There is a big Celebrity girl presence on Instagram and you know how girls are. They are attracted towards lots of the women that are famous. Because most of them want to know how to keep them fit what are things that are in trend what they are wearing so they could also wear it and What would they prefer over other things. Trust me the celebrity figure does post all of these things on Instagram.